Charles d'Anjou King Jerusalem 1271-1272 (Young Bust)

9th Crusade

March 1267, Louis IX, king of France, died from epedimic in Tunis during the 8th crusade. Most of the army went back to France. But some crusaders decided to rally Edward, future king of England, who had just come, and to follow him to Holyland.

Kings :
Charles d'Anjou

Hugues de Lusignan

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Jean le bon - Elite Miniatures 54mm

John II (16 April 1319 – 8 April 1364), called John the Good (French: Jean le Bon), was the King of France from 1350 until his death. He was the second sovereign of the House of Valois and is perhaps best remembered as the king who was vanquished at the Battle of Poitiers and taken as a captive to England.

FOR SALE 150euro (Bronze Medal Euromilitaire)                    


Selling some miniatures that I have in stock! Please be advised that such miniatures are so provided by the companies within the manufacturing and opened only for inspection. Prices are to be sold oposdipote smaller shops and bought but also from companies creative!
54mm - 25 euro
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90mm - 50 Euro

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Heraldry Lionheart 1/10 BUST

 Αποφασισα να σας παρουσιασω βημα βημα το πως κανω δαφορα σχεδια πανω σε μινιατουρες και επειδη αυτη τη περιοδο βαφω ενα μπουστο της εταιρειας Young με τα χρωματα του Λεοντοκαρδου, σας παρουσιαζω το πως δημιουργησα τα λιονταρια της Αγγλιας.
I decided to show you step by step how  I make various designs on miniatures and because this period paint a bust of Young company with the colors of Lionheart, I present you how I created the lions of England.


Nubian Palace Guard 75mm

Nubian Gurdian
These days in the shop to buy miniatures my eye fell on this figure, the company Pegaso 75mm Models in which Sculpted by Benoit Cauchies, Painted by Jose Francisco Gallardo far.
It was a challenge for me because I've never painted colors figure.
Also chose this because the miniature my imagination immediately BIRTH various scenes that will fit perfectly with this miniature!

Would raise the ongoing progress of my work all over the construction phase but painting

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