Scottisch Gentleman 1860 (PEGASO MODELS)

 Hello friends!
I present my creation once I finished a few days ago at the 75mm Pegaso!
A few words for this miniature that the inspiration and the whole setup was from watercolors by MacLeay painted for Queen Victoria with the Scottish theme. To chose the tartan colors of MacLeod.
Waiting for your comments and your comments about this creation.

Lord Vampires (ELITE BUST)

After much searching in the European market but also in America managed to find this fantastic bust by the Company from the Elite series Legacy.
Certainly deillima this issue was how the painted, ie more like a vampire or looked the hero of the film''Interview with a vampire''with Lestat.
Ultimately led to the adoption of Lestat is what human
I hope you like and wait for reviews and comments about this my job.

(Thanks my friend Chris Panagiotopoulo for this photo)

                                                         FOR SALE : 350EUR